How to Improve Speed of Android Smartphone

Android smartphones especially those with less than 1GB of RAM are prone to function slowly and sometimes even picking up calls seems daunting.

Well lucky you in todays short and simple tutorial we will help you to improve speed of your Android Smartphone.

How to Improve Speed of Your Android Smartphone!

  1. Uninstall All Anti Virus – Have you ever thought your Antivirus is helping you. Well think again as Android Antivirus are least capable of preventing a virus attack and the only one that can save your phone from virus is you.
  2. Uninstall following Apps – Well now you need to just trust and delete all those apps names with Booster, Speed, One Touch Cleaner, etc as these apps doesn’t work and just keep pusing ads consuming data and processing power as well as those precious megabytes.

    Also you need to be smart and uninstall all the duplicate apps with same purpose. Example Hike, Whatsapp, WeChat, Google Allo all have same core functions but slightly different features. Try keeping only one of such apps and this will make your smartphone fast as well as reduce the consumed storage.

  3. No custom Lock Screen, Dialer, SMS – If your phone is slow and doesn’t behave well to your touch then probably you need to sacrifice some customisation as custom lockscreen, dialers and sms app all take up immense part of RAM and cause delay in smartphone operations and important task.
  4. Last Step – Try deleting default facebook app and install Facebook lite minus the messenger. These two alone are responsible for 50% smartphones performing below their par. So forgo some of the advanced feature for speedier smartphone.

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Author: Vivek

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