(Working Feb 2017)Google FRP Lock on Samsung J7 Prime G610 Simple and Easy


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FRP Lock has been giving the Android users a hard time especially on Samsung smartphones as the process isn’t easy and involves quiet a lot of steps. But be assured that this method works with all Samsung smartphones including S series, Note Series and J series as well.

Though the device used in this article is a Galaxy J7 Prime.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime in 15 minutes?

Step-1 Download

  1. Samsung FRP Unlock Tool — Click Here

    Email: nguyendang.h2o@gmail.com
    Facebook: https://fb.me/nguyendang.h2o
    VietinBank: 711AB257469
    Agribank Cây Chanh 3619205047993
  2. Quick Shortcut Maker — Click Here
  3. Android 6.0 Google Account for FRP — Click Here

Step-2 Process to Bypass FRP

  1. Make sure to enter SIM in both slots of your J7 Prime G610.
  2. Connect to WiFi / Data connection on phone and proceed to part where it ask to enter Google Account.
  3. Extract the downloaded FRP tool in Step 1 on your PC.
  4. Connect device to PC and right click on the My Computer / This PC icon on your Windows.
  5. Now click on Manage and Under System tool you can find Device Manager, tap on it.
  6. Under Modem tab you can see a Samsung Modem device, right click on it and goto Properties and then click on Modem tab.
  7. You can see the Port Number from there.
  8. Now run Samsung FRP tool downloaded from Step 1 and then run the tool on your PC.
  9. Now click on Scan option in Tool and select the Port No obtained in Step 7. Now click on Open and then change the number from 900 to any other number like 198 or another number of your friend who will pick up the call for sure.
  10. After call is answered Just swipe to right and now an internet icon will be visible tap on it.
  11. Now open Google and search for Galaxy Apps and tap on first link. The will be an icon to open Galaxy Apps, Just tap on it and Galaxy Apps will open.
  12. In Galaxy Apps download ES File Explorer and Open it.
  13. Now transfer all three apps downloaded from download section to your phone using OTG Pendrive or transfer them to SD card and put it in your Galaxy J7 Prime.
  14. Install all the apps but install Quick Shortcut Maker at last.
  15. After installing Quick Shortcut maker open it directly and search Google.
  16. Google Account services will be unveiled now just go to the 4th Activity and tap on 3 dots and under Web sign in tab enter any Google Account user id and password.
  17. Simply restart the phone and go through the setup.
  18. You won’t need to enter Google Account details.
  19. Voila and you are good to go.

I hope it was easy for you to unlock and make sure to like us on Facebook and Twitter.


Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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