How to Update Honor 8 to Android Noughat Aka Android 7


Recently Honor 8 was updated to Android 7.0 aka Noughat and it brought along several changes as well as new features.

To find out what’s new read the changelog of the Honor 8 Noughat Update .

Today in an easy to follow guide we will help you to update Honor 8 to Noughat sweetness.

How to Update Honor 8 to Android Noughat aka Android 7.0


  1. Current version should be FRD-L02C675B140.
  2. Make sure phone is 50% charged.
  3. Must have a working SIM Card.
  4. Connect device with cellular data or Wi-Fi Connection.

Steps to Update Honor 8

  1. Launch SettingsUpdater.
  2. Now you will see list of available updates.
  3. Tap on the available update and let it download.
  4. Once downloaded press on install and wait for upgrade process to finish.

If you face any issue with the upgrade process mention it in comments section down below.

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