How To Check Warranty Status for Samsung Mobile Online


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Generally their isn’t an easy way to check warranty status for Samsung smartphones, but in today easy to follow guide we will make that easy for you.

How to Check Samsung Mobile Warranty Online

With today’s guide you can easily know the date of activation of you Samsung smartphone. Warranty generally start from the date of activation.


  • Samsung smartphone
  • An active internet connection

 Step to Find out Samsung Smartphone Date of Activation

  1. First you need to find model number of your Samsung smartphone. For this Go to Settings  About Device and then you can find model number.
    (It generally starts from GT in older model and SM in newer models.)
  2. Also you need to note down the S/N Number which is located at  Settings  About Device   Status. Alternatively pulling the battery also works as the sticker behind the battery contains S/N no
  3. Next you need your IMEI number which you can find out by dialling *#06#
  4. Now just visit Samsung Product Registration page.
  5. Sign in using your Samsung Account. If you don’t have one create a Samsung Account and sign in.
  6. Click on New Product Registration tab.
  7. Now enter the Model No starting with SM or GT or whatever your phone Model No starts with. Then tap on confirm and select any model numer shown in list.
    (Note: Don’t enter Samsung Galaxy J7, etc it won’t work)
  8. Next enter Serial Number and then IMEI number and now you can see Purchase Date/Date of Activation of your Smartphone.
    Now you have your smartphone activation date and all it took was few minutes

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