Samsung Drops Price on S7 Edge J7 Prime J5 Prime J2 2016 and J7 2015

Samsung Logo

Samsung is not new to price drop, but this year their price has been quiet consistent and here is the first major price drop in 2017.

Model New Price Old Price Difference
Galaxy S7 Edge 45900 50900 5000
Galaxy J7 Prime 15900 16900 1000
Galaxy A9 Pro 29900 32490 2590
Galaxy J5 Prime 14200 15400 1200
Galaxy J2 2016 9090 9750 660
Galaxy J7 2015 10990 11900 910

As you can see Samsung has made its product even better with this price drop, also Samsung is trying hard to regain market share and is planning to launch an array of new smartphone in India.

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