How to Turn Your Space Grey iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 or 6s into Jet Black

Well iPhone 7 Jet Black does look great and we humans tend to like shiny objects.

But a huge population is stuck with the iPhone 6 series or iPhone 5s and lucky for you today we bring an awesome video which will help you turn your Space Grey iPhone to Jet Black iPhone.

Though fair bit of warning, after the conversion your phone will no longer be covered under Apple warranty.

Also if you are inexperience in stuff like this or are impatient then don’t try this yourself and take help from a local expert.

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Author: Vivek

Writing about yourself is way harder anyways I am a CA Student and I love blogging. Gamer in my free time, short temper and positive attitude are the terms to describe me perfectly. Nd yeah I forgot to say I am very LUCKY.