Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus Review : A Double-Edged Sword


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Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus has been out in markets for a pretty long time and today we take this little beast for a spin to find out where it delivers and where it falls short.

Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus Specification

In terms of specification, there is hardly any device in the market which can battle out Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus for its price.

  • Android 6.0.1 with ZUK OS 2.o
  • 5-inch FullHD IPS Panel
  • Snapdragon 820 clocked at 2.15GHz
  • 13MP rear camera capable of 4k video capture and slomo at 240fps
  • 8 MP with 1.4um pixels
  • Data/Speed: 2*CA / CAT 6 for LTE, 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz for WiFi
  • 3-axis gyro sensor, 3-axis electronic compass sensor, 3-axis Acceleration Sensor, Light Sensor, Hall Sensor (Proximity Sensor), Distance Sensor (Pedometer), Fingerprint Sensor
  • 3500 mAH battery
  • 3GB + 32GB or 4GB + 64GB variants
  • USB Type C

As it is evident by now that ZUK Z2 Plus doesn’t fall short in specs. Whether its camera or processor, its spec sheet is adequately stocked.

Now let’s get on with review

Display and Box

The display of ZUK Z2 Plus is a FullHD 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution IPS panel, though the touch response and viewing angles are great, the display fails to deliver in terms of color reproduction.

While the unboxing experience was basic. As you lift the upper piece of the box you can see the ZUK Z2 Plus with a matte black care, below it user guide are stuffed and then comes a charger and USB Type-C cable.

The all glass body of ZUK Z2 Plus is classy and the curved glass both in front and back blends well with the frame to provide a comfortable grip. Also the device is a little thick but not heavy and the included matte case is a blessing and looks premium as well.


Nowadays good camera is a priority and ZUK Z2 Plus doesn’t disappoint. The shots taken on ZUK Z2 Plus are good and there is enough details. Though the stock camera app is pretty basic and takes a while to focus automatically.

The ISOCELL sensor is a pro during day time but as the sun goes down ZUK Z2 Plus quickly falls behind as its f/2.2 aperture doesn’t help it capture great shots in the night. Shots in the night are mired by noise, but still, it manages to outdo the competition.

Video capture through the stock camera is an absolute nightmare as it takes too long to focus other than that quality of the video is adequate. Switching to Footej Camera improves both Photo and Video capturing experience.


ZUK Z2 Plus is an absolute beast and doesn’t slow down, no matter how much you push it. It can play the mightiest Android Game and then you can switch back and forth through multiple browsing tabs, apps and it just shines.

If you want best performing smartphone under ₹ 20,000 you won’t be disappointed with the ZUK Z2 Plus as it just cruises without any problem.

Below is the screenshot of Antutu Benchmark. We aren’t a fan of benchmarking smartphones still it does manage to crush all the competition in its price range and more.

Audio and Multimedia

ZUK Z2 Plus default Music Player is Play Music and the Gallery and Video app are Google Photos. So if you like them you won’t have any problem but if you don’t like the Google way, Play Store is filled with alternatives.

Music through loudspeaker is loud, crisp and clear and the experience with headphones is also good. But the volume in ear headset is not outstanding as Samsung, HTC and VIVO are known to deliver pretty loud output through headphones. But that isn’t a big issue as most people don’t listen to songs at max volume as it may cause an issue with hearing.

Apart from that output was pretty solid and enjoyable. One more flaw in ZUK UI is the absence of lock screen controls for audio. It’s quite annoying and only solution to this is using Next Lockscreen from Microsoft as all other lock screens can’t be set as default due to some tweak in ZUK OS.

Sensor and Additional Features

ZUK Z2 Plus comes with a bunch of sensors including Fingerprint sensor, step counter aka pedometer, 3 axis gyro sensor, 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis electronic compass, proximity and ambient light sensor.

With U-Touch you can customize the Fingerprint sensor. A long tap can open a certain app or long press can perform actions like open recent apps or go to specified app. You can do away with on-screen controls as a gentle tap on home key functions as the back key while double pressing it takes to the recent app screen. The single press works as a home key.

All in all its a great addition to otherwise boring fingerprint sensor implementation by other brands.

The U-Health app helps in reaching your fitness goals as it counts step. But a pedometer on phone isn’t as helpful as it isn’t able to count steps taken when the phone isn’t present in hand.

But still, nothing is better than something and combined with sensors and pedometer it actually manages to be pretty reliable in showing accurate data.

Battery Life and Conclusion

Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus is backed by a 3500 mAh battery and it does provide a day usage on moderate usage. Also, you can optimize battery by restricting apps that you don’t use often by disabling their background activity.

Now to conclude ZUK Z2 Plus is one of the best smartphones in its price, while some may like how it looks, some might not and if you are in for a handy smartphone that performs well than ZUK Z2 Plus can be a solid deal. But if you want more out of camera and like a big screen smartphone don’t go for Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus.

It is currently available in two variants 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage and a 4GB RAM and 64GB variant in Black and White color options.





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  1. Vishal Giri says

    great review and after the recent price cut this the most powerful phone under 20k!!

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