(Exclusive) Jio Phone 2 with Qwerty Keyboard to Launch in June


Reliance Jio has enjoyed success thanks to its free preview and then reasonable price. Jio Phone was a hit as well and is doing well enough in current market and now to complement it Jio is working to launch a Qwerty Jio Phone which will be known as Jio Phone 2.

Jio Phone 2 will run on same Kai OS found on Jio Phone and will have exact same specifications but will come with a Qwerty Keyboard.

It is currently being manufactured by Chinese OEM and there are 6 different players manufacturing it.

As per our source who works with Jio company, Jio Phone 2 will be priced at just ₹1999 and will come bundled and will be available in July with pre-booking starting sometime in June.

This phone will also ditch the ill famed LYF branding and now Jio phone will only feature Jio branding as LYF has lost customers trust.

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