OnePlus 6 USB/MTP/ADB/Fastboot Drivers Download


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Recently OnePlus launched their latest flagship OnePlus 6 and it comes with an all-glass unibody design which surely looks great but unlike other smartphone vendors, OnePlus 6 doesn’t have a PC suite and that makes installing drivers tricky.

Lucky are you as in today’s driver download post we have OnePlus 6 drivers installing guide.

How to Install OnePlus 6 USB Drivers

 Supported Models

  1. OnePlus 6
  2. OnePlus 5T
  3. OnePlus 5
  4. OnePlus 3T
  5. OnePlus 3
  6. OnePlus 2
  7. OnePlus 1

 How to Install ADB Fastboot MTP USB Drivers for OnePlus 6

  1. Download OnePlus USB Drivers installer from →  ADB and Fastboot Drivers.
  2. Install the downloaded USB Drivers for OnePlus 6 on your PC.
  3. Connect your OnePlus 6 with provided Type C cable and it will be detected on PC without any issues.

OnePlus 6 USB Driver Troubleshooting Tips

After following all the above methods still facing problem connecting your OnePlus 6 to PC, then it may be because of following issues:

  1. Try using a different Data USB cable, original cable preferred.
  2. Try plugging your device into a different USB port.
  3. Reboot your computer and try once again.
  4. Sometimes multiple USB Drivers are at fault, try uninstalling other drivers by opening control panel and then go to programs and delete smartphone related drivers.
  5. If nothing works try on a different computer.

We guess this guide helped you out with any issues faced while connecting your OnePlus 6 to PC. If this helped do share this article and like us to continue receiving amazing updates.

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