I Apologise for Bashing Apple & iFans

iSheeps and Lagdroid are two of most common trolling words often used by fans to troll their friends and those on internet and it was similar once for me. I was an Android Fan and I still am but using iOS 9 has made me realise iPhone ain’t that bad for casual users and it … Continue reading “I Apologise for Bashing Apple & iFans”

Whatsapp Calls Invites Working Again – Invites Inside

Want to join the Whatsapp Calling world worry not servers are accepting invites again all you need is latest version of Whatsapp application and a call from someone who has the feature activated already. Here’s the link for latest Whatsapp App and after that you can message me on Whatsapp and I can call you … Continue reading “Whatsapp Calls Invites Working Again – Invites Inside”