I Apologise for Bashing Apple & iFans
iSheeps and Lagdroid are two of most common trolling words often used by fans to troll their friends and those on internet and it was similar once for me. I was an Android Fan and I still am but using iOS 9 has made me realise iPhone ain’t that... Read more
Whatsapp Calls Invites Working Again – Invites Inside
Want to join the Whatsapp Calling world worry not servers are accepting invites again all you need is latest version of Whatsapp application and a call from someone who has the feature activated already. Here’s the link for latest Whatsapp App and after that you can message me on... Read more
Horibble state of Ads while Browsing on Android – Petetion
Android and iPhone revolutionized the Worldwide Web in such a way that now every major website has a separate mobile version. But sadly some websites are doing it right most are not. Use of popup adverts made browsing on PC horrible and soon many browsers fixed the issue by... Read more
How to Disable Whatsapp Images, Videos and Audio in Gallery and Music Player
Whatsapp has a simple way of duplicating a single media files to multiple ones if sent to large list of friends and seeing all the incoming media in Gallery, audio recordings in Music Player is kind of irritating so worry not here a very easy way to disable the... Read more
OnePlus releases Android Lollipop for One in Alpha Stage
After Cyanogen Inc denial to update OnePlus One in India, OnePlus worked day and night to get their own ROM which will be basically AOSP version ready for One and today on the new year day OnePlus One has released first community build of Android Lollipop for One. If... Read more