Root LG G3 with Towel Root Easily
LG G3 is 2014 flagship from LG which carries on the same high end looks, like LG G2 with high-end specs and beautiful 5.5″ QHD Display. It is a pretty attractive device with sleek and beautiful design. icon-warning WARNING! Rooting your device may cause loss of warranty. You are only... Read more
Jailbreak iPhone’s and iPad’s on all iOS 7 version
iOS is not open like Android OS and many small task are very difficult on iOS. Jailbreaking is the process which makes all the restrictions fade away and you can get maximum out of your Apple device. icon-warning WARNING! Jailbreaking your device may cause loss of warranty. You are only responsible by... Read more
Easily Root Nvidia Shield Tablet with Towelroot
Nvidia Shield is among the very few device to house an Nvidia Tegra 4 CPU. It is a great tablet with just the right price and great design. All the Shield owners here’s an easy way to root your tablet in order to achieve more of already powerful beast. icon-warning WARNING! Rooting your device... Read more
Android Complete Backup and Restore Guide: Backup SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Apps, Data or Full System
Android is know for its versatility and customization. Every part of operating system can be tweaked but with this benefit comes a risk. If due to some mistake or error current system get’s messed up one might end up loosing all user data. Hours of games progress or 1000’s... Read more
Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting
What is Rooting? Rooting is the process of gaining administrator privilege on your Android Phone which helps to modify system partition of your phone. It is just like jail-breaking an iPhone but with much more control over your phone. After rooting you can access system files, delete them, modify them... Read more