Delhi High Court Lifts ban on OnePlus One in India
OnePlus One was restricted to import or carry any promotional activity in India after an injunction on sales following Micromax complaint regarding exclusivity of CyanogenMod 11. Now a panel of judges have lifted the ban and allowed OnePlus One to carry their business with further discussion on next hearing... Read more
Micromax Effect: OnePlus gets temporarily banned in India
After Xiaomi another popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been temporarily banned from marketing, selling and shipping mobile device in India and this times its OnePlus. The order comes from Delhi HC after Micromax had complained against OnePlus for having infringed its exclusivity to use Cyanogen ROM under the agreement... Read more
Delhi High Court allowes Xiaomi to sell phones till 8th January in India
Few days ago an injunction on Xiaomi was passed by Delhi High Court, which led to ban on sales and import of Xiaomi products in India. Now the restriction is uplifted albeit with certain limitations and now Xiaomi is only allowed to sell products with Qualcomm chipset. Earlier a ban... Read more
Xiaomi in fresh new trouble Indian Court ordered to Stop Sales
Recently Indian smart phone market is going through renaissance and Xiaomi was among one of the contender who sparked the wave of change, but now an order to stop sales in India with immediate effect from Delhi High Court has put Xiaomi on backfoot. The reason behind the injunction is... Read more