Google Nexus 9 now available in India at INR 28,999
Google Nexus 9 has finally arrived Indian market and is currently available at at INR 28,999 and as a special offer users ordering it by 12th December, 2014 will be receiving gift vouchers after a month from order date. HTC Nexus 9 is directly being sold by HTC... Read more
HTC fixes issues with Nexus 9 improves buttons and light bleeding
HTC has been known to ship initial batches of devices with issues during production and history repeats itself with initial shipments of Nexus 9 affected with buttons not properly raised and display bleeding light. Previously HTC One X was launched with squeaking and yellow spot issues and HTC One... Read more
How to Root Google Nexus 9 Easily in Just 3 Steps
Nexus 9 is the premium looking tablet created by HTC and it is well upto standards both in terms of design and specs to performance. Google Nexus 9 is just the perfect tablet for those who want a 9 or 10-inch tablet.  WARNING!  Rooting your device may cause loss... Read more
Google Nexus 9 official features HTC Design and Tegra K1
So Nexus 6 isn’t the big silent launch today as Google Nexus 9 manufactured by HTC is also joining the party. Just going by name its evident that it features aa 9″ IPS Display with a resolution of 2048 x 1440 pixels. It has an odd aspect ratio just... Read more