Android One greeted with Cyanogen Mod 11


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Android One handsets are proving to be excellent budget Android experience device and with the awesomeness of open source developer community has started working for the device. One such effort by recognized xda developer varun.chitre15 who ported custom recovery, has now successfully ported Cyanogen Mod 11.

Cyanogen Mod 11 is world most popular custom rom for Android and currently the Android One port is not 100% bug free and stable, yet is good enough to try. It will take some time to squash the bugs present.

The working components of current Cyanogen Mod 11 build are:

  • Display and touchscreen
  • Vibrator
  • System Audio
  • Bluetooth
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Hardware Audio and Video decoding – 1080p [MTK OMX Core] i.e Music and Video Playback
  • Camera – Both Photo and Full HD Video Recording
  • Front Camera – Both Photo and Video Recording
  • SDCard and all other operations related to it
  • Network – SIM1 Only (Calls & Messages)
  • Microphone and Headset
  • All Sensors – (Light, accelerometer, Magnetic sensor etc)
  • USB – MTP & ADB

While these are the bugs currently in the build:

  • WiFi
  • SIM1 Data not working due to null IP Address
  • AGPS – Due to no Wifi/Internet
  • SIM2 slot

All the three released Android One handsets, Spice Dream Uno, Karbonn Sparkle V or Micromax Canvas A1 have a common ROM as these share the same internal hardware.

If you are interested on flashing this beta build head over to the official thread and follow the instructions icon-long-arrow-right CyanogenMod 11 for AndroidOne

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