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 Update: Contest Ended Winner is From Brazil Nicolas Rico a new contest will be up on 10th November while we search for sponsor.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is one of Samsung best looking device is now a prize in our very first giveaway. All you need to do is like us on social websites and subscribe to our blog and if you are lucky  enough you may be the one to walk out with a brand new Galaxy Alpha.

This Giveaway is international and the winner will be picked up randomly. Please do not enter the giveaway with fake or duplicate id or else the entries will be disqualified by our system.

This giveaway has an awesome little Samsung Galaxy Alpha unlocked to work on most of carriers, so no need to worry where ever in the world you stay, you have a reason to smile. Enough talking below is the widget to take part in our giveaway.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha International Giveaway

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    1. Vivek Goel says

      Bro this is not purely Indian though its global. Anyways I am India so there’s some influence

  5. Tiago Pereira says

    Nice to have a new site to get news with a fresh view. Maybe we have a more extended phone information, like Nokia X, and not only high end.

    1. Vivek Goel says

      Thanks friend for reply and we will focus on mid range devices too

  6. Dee Adams says

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    1. Vivek Goel says

      Soon we shall focus on everything and if you want to contribute you can shoot post at vivek@phonehorn.com and I will publish it.

  9. Sapan J. Naik says

    when i was checking this site, i thought the name of this site is pornhorn! lol! my mistake! 😉
    btw! i found this site interesting . didnt knew about Galaxy Alpha! thank you for this information!

    1. Vivek Goel says

      Haha I thought of Phone Horny too lol…………but settled for decent name

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