Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi4 Kernel Source coming in next few weeks


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Kernel Source Mi3

Xiaomi Mi3 is one of the best budget device with particularly high specification to even upset some of flagship device and now Hugo Barra has confirmed in next couple of weeks the Kernel Source will be left loose so developer community can create some custom rom and bring back some amazing features currently missing.

The developer community has been demanding Kernel Sources as part of open source commitment yet Xiaomi was too reluctant due to less usage of Xiaomi MIUI ROM which in turn would affect the brand but now with pressure and petitions from online community Xiaomi has stepped in right direction and is preparing the kernel sources.

Q.1 by Ryan Berkeley – “Redundant, because I asked this question on another youtube video of yours. Here’s the question. When are the kernals going to be released? According to GPL, that needs to be released and we might get a sub forum on XDA for it? This phone isn’t for me, but once the phone crosses the warranty stage, I’d like to see it last longer than a mere 2 years like my #lgoptimus2x”
Reply from Hugo : Mi 3 kernel source coming in the next few weeks, please stand by!“”

Q.2 by Anish Pawar – “When is Xiaomi releasing kernel sources for mi3?”
Reply from Hugo : In a few weeks, we’re really sorry about the delay! Has to do with the fact that Mi 4 is using the same kernel source, so we’re just putting the finishing touches on what we plan to release.

Now just sit back and relax to see awesome new features and smoother AOSP, CyanogenMod, Paranoid, and lots of great custom rom coming to Mi3 and Mi4.

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