Microsoft Lumia 535 comes to India at 9,199


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Microsoft Lumia 535 is rolling out gradually around the globe and after European markets, its India’s turn to be home to Lumia 535 which manages to overcome various shortcoming of previous Lumia 500 series devices like missing LED Flash and front camera.

Lumia 535 will retail at Rs 9,199 in India and will be available in stores in next couple of days. Microsoft Lumia 535 seems a great buy for the price given the surety of upcoming Windows 10 update and massive 5-inch display although the competition from Redmi Note devices is imminent currently but short supply still gives ample room for it to survive.

Lumia 535 is best budget Lumia device with no major let downs like earlier Lumia’s like missing flash or front cameras and it offers complete package. The major selling point is massive 5-inch display, 5-megapixels front and 5-megapixels rear camera. It is like Microsoft says 5x5x5. Moreover the complete range of rainbow colors makes it more sensible for youth attracted to sparkling colors.

Microsoft should also focus on accessories sales as demand for different color panels is huge and if Microsoft supplies huge quantities of colorful back panels at an affordable price at about Rs 299-399 then it will positively result in sales of more devices.

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