How to Disable Whatsapp Images, Videos and Audio in Gallery and Music Player


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Whatsapp has a simple way of duplicating a single media files to multiple ones if sent to large list of friends and seeing all the incoming media in Gallery, audio recordings in Music Player is kind of irritating so worry not here a very easy way to disable the media files from appearing in other Media apps.

This method doesn’t do anything it just stops media files from looking in Whatsapp directory and hence those pictures, videos and audios can be made to disappear. All you need is a file explorer like ES File Explorer, Astro File Manager or any such similar application.

Now that you have a File Manager lets begin the step. ES File Manager is being used to illustrate the process.

  • Now Open ES File Explorer or any other file explorer you have.
  • Goto Internal storage or wherever the Whatsapp folder is present on your phone.
  • Now open Media Folder and you will see different folders for Audio, Images, Profile Pics, Video and Voice Notes
  • Now enter the Images folder and click on add new file and name it as .nomedia to disable the images from appearing in Media Apps.
  • Repeat the step for every app wherever you would like to disable the media files to appear in media apps.
  • When you are done you will have successfully disable media. To revert back just delete the .nomedia file created abd you are good to go.

Pro Tip: This process works with any folder. If you need to disable media scanning from a particular folder just add .nomedia file and none of media files will appear in Media apps.

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