Fixes for POCO F1 Ghost touch, PUBG, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. issues


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Poco F1 was launched with much fanfare but it is nothing more than a beta product and feels unfinished both at hardware and software level.

Today we dive in on how to fix the issues plaguing Poco F1, so let’s start.

Poco F1 Ghost touch/Multi-touch Issue Fix

Many users face the issue of an extra touch while using Multitouch Tester app and this has been addressed by Team Mi. However here is a brief solution.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Poco F1 and go to Additional settings > button and gesture shortcuts > take a screenshot set the option to ‘none‘ and then reboot your device.
  2. Now uninstall the Multi-Touch Tester app for good.
  3. Now the issue should be fixed.

Some Icons in the Notification Panel are not Shown

Again this has been addressed by Xiaomi and in their next stable update will be fixed just make sure to update your phone and if you are on Global Beta ROM 8.9.13 this issue is already resolved.

Problems with Bluetooth and WIFI Connectivity on POCO F1

Bluetooth and WiFi essential in today’s smartphone and Poco F1 has issues with connectivity and pairing with new devices a lot of times.

Sadly the fix isn’t there as the drivers are not coded properly but you can try restarting the device and it seems to work after that.

PUBG Notch and Sound Issues with Poco F1

This issue is due to Xiaomi developers as they have not had the essential information relayed to the game that this device is notched.

However, both PUBG Mobile and Xiaomi are working on this issue and expect a future update to resolve this issue. Till the issue is resolved you can manual alter the PUBG Mobile layout of controls and play the game without much fuss.

Next, the audio issue is already addressed in Beta ROM and will be rolled out via OTA update next month so your low audio and distorted sound issues will be fixed in next OTA.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Issue

Sadly there is no fix for Amazon Prime Video or Netflix failure to stream HD video as Poco F1 is not Widevine L1 certified hence no software update can resolve this issue for you.


Here was a small tutorial to get rid of annoying bugs out of your Poco F1, if you liked the post kindly share this with your friends who own a Poco F1.



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